Shaman Apprenticing - Sedona, Arizona

Uqualla is a spiritual emissary, ceremonialist, universal wisdom keeper who is born of the Havasupai Tribe that live within the Grand Canyon. He is an international presenter and is being guided by Spirit to now offer this service here in Sedona, the gateway into the potent sacred lands of the Colorado Plateau region.

“Shaman Apprenticing is the culmination of my life dream visioning. The day workshop series will alter and empower all pilgrim participants into a new personage who is able to survive the onslaught of world chaos. Your life is ceremony, live in it with confidence” (Uqualla)

Welcome my fellow Spirit Walkers! I invite you to be a participant of one initiation or the complete series. Each offers to inspire and activate your life’s walk. I am proud to say that Spirit has granted me with the stewardship of facilitating others into illumination.

Choose from Shaman Initiations but not limited to. 

Shaman Initiations:

Death and Rebirth Restart by releasing as you inventory your current expression and make a tangible expression of letting go. Known as a ceremonial sacrifice, this is critical to enter the next levels of medicine world.

Spirituality Now!

Cutting through to the essence of the many global modalities and teachings that are coming forth in these times. You gain tools to better understand and selectively use this knowledge without feeling overwhelmed.

Dream Visioning

You will receive intuitive feedback support as we work with ways to expand your awareness, sharpen your focus, and gain more insight from your dreams and other inspirations to bring forth clarity of vision.

Tangible Medicine Tools

The unseen which becomes tangible as you learn basic elements of conductivity of your own personal spiritual energies. Energize and activate your medicine tools and medicine bag. Bringing spirit into physical expression is a core ancestral wisdom way.

Spirit Communication

Elevate your intuitive understanding as you learn the non-verbal language of spirit which could come in the voice of wind, the winged ones, the four- legged, the rock people, tree people and more. These are elements a medicine person uses as communicators.

Stepping into your Ceremonial Roles

Receive guidance on how to draw together all the initiations and step forth into the world and conduct your spiritual callings as your own medicine entity.


I invite you to reserve your attendance. Your commitment begins our process of energetic connection.

$150.00 per 2 hour Initiation

Should any initiation be canceled by Uqualla, you will receive full refund that session.

To reserve your spot:
Please make checks payable to Uqualla and mail to: P.O. Box 2561 Sedona, Az 86339

By Credit Card

One 2-hour Initiation Session, $150:


Turtle Dome, Sedona Az.

9 am – 5 pm (Times may be adjusted to take advantage of seasonal opportunities. Please always confirm via email the timing prior to arrival)

What to bring:
Casual loose clothing is recommended for movement. Layering is suggested for wide variety of temperature change. Please bring journal, personal water bottle and a flashlight if case we shift any events to night time.

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